3D Scanning

What is 3D scanning

Can I use GoVR spaces in CAD software like Revit or Recap?

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Yes! You can download an industry-standard OBJ file from any Space, which contains both 3D mesh and textures. If you are using your 3D data for modeling, you can also retrieve a coloured point cloud generated from your 2D and 3D data. Just ask us an sample!

Is there a limit to the number of scans in a space? What is the maximum scannable property size?

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GoVR models up to 200 scans can be processed successfully. This is more than enough for most residential properties — 200 scans can typically cover about 1000 meters squared. Models larger than 200 scans can be uploaded, but are not guaranteed to process successfully. For large properties (such as multiple floors of a commercial building) divide into regions and