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Industry-leading, interactive 3D for web and mobile

3D Showcase is much more than a 3D model.

It’s all-in-one property visualisation services, right in your web browser or virtual reality headset. With our embedded WebGL player, including engaging 3D content in your website or apps is easy. Add our print-ready 4K photography and 3D Showcase feels as real as being there.

To implement an interactive 3D tour, just grab the code snippet that we will provide you and insert it into your site just as you would a Youtube video iframe. It’s that easy!

Architecture / Engineering /Construction / BIM

We produce stunning virtual tours for marketing purposes but you would like to use the 3D model full potential? GoVR is one of the cheapest and accurate way to scan a space. We help you to take advantage of the technical potential of 3D scans.

We convert our .XYZ and .E57 point cloud into a clean 3D model (or any CAD file: .skp .dwg .fbx .3ds .obj and REVIT for BIM application) so that you can use it for space modeling, refurbishment and rendering services. Compare to a mere floorplan elevation, a complete mesh cleaning offers much more accuracy: you get the exact position of beams, alcoves, ceilings…

Virtual Staging, Home Staging and Rendering services

GoVR scans are really amazing but it’s hard to use them directly in traditional CAD softwares. The clean CAD file we deliver is the cornerstone you need to manage renovation and home staging projects. It allows you to directly arrange the space organisation, the furnitures and the decoration. Then you’ll be able to generate high resolution renders for your customers.

Space Modeling

You want to remove a wall or add a room to a space. You need a clean CAD file.

Home Staging

You are home-staging a space and you want to quickly refurbish and decorate it.

3D Rendering

Use the 3D model to generate ultra-realistic renders and impress your customers.

Vivid imagery for print and digital communication

GoVR can capture 4K-2D photography and capture 3D spaces using the same device.

 This is a 4K sample image taken with our Matterport Camera*

Use Tags to attach text, links, and multimedia content to specific points in your 3D models.

You’ll love GoVR’s Tags.

GoVR’s tags are anchored to points in the 3D model data, so you are able to add descriptions and embed almost anything – like additional photos, vidéo, or audio files – right in your 3D space.  This turns spaces into a powerful tool for communicating with remote stakeholders, property buyers, prospective or global audiences.

Supported Formats:

For images, we support:

  • JPG and JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG

The image should already be online somewhere. You can host the image on your website or on:

  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Imgur
  • And much more….

We can accept images at any size and resolution, but for the best quality we recommend 4:3, 3:2, or 16:9 ratio.

For Video, we support:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Hulu
  • and much more….

For Audio, we support:

  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Last.fm
  • and much more…. services

Integrated Measurement Tool

Measure any dimension with 99% accuracy

Use Matterport Workshop to easily measure an object or find a room’s dimensions.

Find room dimensions:

Professional Black and White Floorplan

These Plans are great for house plan sales and for real estate marketing. 2D black & white floor plans are similar to an architect detailed construction plans but with all the notes and clutter removed so that customers can clearly visualize the floor plan. GoVR can easily generate black-and-white foor plans right from your GoVR Spaces. Schematic Floor Plans add value to every Space because they are made from the same data used to create your 3D tour. You can create next-level immersive experiences as well as more traditional marketing collateral with one scan services.

Eliminate multiple site visits

No need to hire an additional company or return to the property to take measurements.

Save Time

Your Schematic Floor Plan will be delivered within 2 business days. You get each foor separately in PNG format, and all foors together in a one page PDF.

3D scan, floor plan

Labels and Dimensions

All Schematic Floor Plans include individual room labels and measurements.

Get it for your business!

Adding Schematic Floor Plans to your immersive virtual Matterport Spaces is quick, easy, and convenient. Complete your marketing collateral with just one scan. Get started today by contacting your local Matterport Service Partner. Labels and dimensions All Schematic Floor Plans include individual room labels and measurements.

Show off your Spaces in immersive virtual reality

GoVR makes it easy to share with the VR button on 3D showcase. Your viewers can launch and explore your spaces in VR without any additional work.

Virtual reality is poised to be the next big tech adoption. Don’t miss your opportunity to be on the cutting edge.
High adoption rates and active users provide a built-in user base for your spaces.

We can provide with our partner 2D & 3D mapping services and solutions.

  • Land Monitoring
  • 3D reconstruction of a house from outside
  • Topography / Volume / Heights / 3D Maps
  • Automated Object Recognition
  • And more…

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