3D Scan to BIM

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Le processus BIM est devenu un élément essentiel dans les projets de construction et de rénovation. Essentiel, mais fastidieux et pas toujours assez pertinent, et c’est là que le 3D Scan trouve toute son utilité ! Pourquoi le BIM est-il important ? L’acronyme BIM vient de l’anglais Building Information Modeling qu’on peut traduire littéralement par « Modélisation des

Resolutions of Matterport OBJ files

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The 50k OBJ is the low-resolution file that is specifically used for the Matterport Showcase. This version has some of its finer detail stripped out and compressed to reduce the overall size of the scan to ensure the showcase loads quickly and stays responsive. By comparison, the high resolution OBJ keeps all of the original

Why facility managers are using GoVR as an alternative to BIM

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Building Information Models (BIM) used in engineering, architecture and construction, is an intelligent 3D model-based process in which physical and functional characteristics of spaces are digitally modelled to enhance the construction process. Indeed this technology has proven to be beneficial in the planning, design, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure. However, Facility Management Providers