Why facility managers are using GoVR as an alternative to BIM

Building Information Models (BIM) used in engineering, architecture and construction, is an intelligent 3D model-based process in which physical and functional characteristics of spaces are digitally modelled to enhance the construction process. Indeed this technology has proven to be beneficial in the planning, design, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure. However, Facility Management Providers and Building Operators are not quite enthusiastic about using BIM technology because putting up a building is one thing, running it efficiently is a different kettle of fish altogether. BIM helps to achieve the former but isn’t adequate for the latter.

Better Facility Management

The ability to optimize both resources and processes are important factors in effectively managing a built asset. Thanks to GoVR, the advanced 3D scanning and Virtual Reality Touring technology, it has become much easier for Facility Managers to navigate and visualize different areas of the buildings they manage, no matter how complex. With this comes the ease of accessing every space, system or equipment information, or carrying out repair or maintenance, whenever the need arise.

To fix a faulty appliance in a room of a large hotel complex, for example, the technician wouldn’t need to attend the room to ascertain the type of fault or repair required. An interactive 3D and VR capture system, like GoVR, gives him realistic and interactive access to detailed 3D representation of the room and the affected appliance. So, he knows exactly what and where the problem is, and the tools he would need. Ultimately, not only is the cost of running the facility, reduced due to savings in man-hours, service quality is also improved – a win-win for all stakeholders.


Intuitive Software

Even when built into software, BIM models tend to require specialized knowledge, which restricts its usage only to stakeholders who have the requisite training. GoVR offers an intuitive, immersive and captivating way of accessing properties.

Information when you need it

Apart from the benefits of visualization and navigation, 3D reality capture also makes data needed for various aspects of building operation and maintenance, available to facility managers.

Fast and Efficient Mapping

Using Matterport Capture technology, GoVR  is able to provide comprehensive and cost effective 3D scan of your asset on a regular basis, ensuring that they are up to date, in print-ready 4K photographs (if needed), for use by operations and maintenance staff

Visualize Anywhere

The GoVR reality capture system provides you with realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences that feel as real as being there.

With the embedded WebGL player, buildings can be assessed and explored, right from a web browser or virtual reality headset. Site inspections and facility tours don’t get any easier than this. The level of detail provided is such that technicians are able to spot potential health and safety concerns, as well as other physical issues, which may become difficult to manage in the future.

With this feature, Hotel Managers and other hospitality providers can impress potential guests by allowing them to virtually explore rooms, suites, or amenities in vivid 3D before making a decision.

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